What is WWN ?
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    Not A Challenge

    You want long lasting fitness goals. Not ones that finish in 30 or 40 days. So we are here with you all year round.

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    Not Time Bound

    It's a long term commitment to yourself, to me and to the program. You will work at your own pace as you keep becoming a better version of yourself

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    Fitness is a journey and an ongoing one. Becoming fit is not where this ends. Staying fit and remaining that way is the objective.

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    Continuous Process

    A new workout everyday from Monday to Friday for the next 365 days. WWN is a process and not a time frame targeted solution.

What do you get?
Daily Works out Designed by Coach Nyela
WWN Challenges to take you the next level
Full Strength and HIIT workouts
A community who works out together and motivates each other
Your Coach Nyela just a message away
Workouts from the comfort of your own home
The workouts are posted in such a way that each time zone has access to it first thing in the morning.
A huge variety of workout designs to keep things fun and to keep you coming back for more
Starting 4th January, 2020
What does WWN consist of?
Short daily workouts that are metabolically designed to be effective. You can easily make them a part of your daily life and busy schedule each day, as they are designed to be completed within 30-40 mins.
Each day of the week you receive your workout of the day from Monday to Friday, split between various muscle groups, to ensure you go through a perfect training plan. All workouts are curated to give you defined legs, toned arms and a strong core. You not only burn fat but build strong muscles as you get fitter and better.
Who is it for ?
For Everyone Around The Globe
No matter which part of the world you are in, people in all time zones will be able to access the workout first thing in the morning in their time.
For All Fitness Levels
Whether you are a beginner or a fitness freak, you can use the program at your pace to suit your level. If you want to lose weight, get toned or just reshape your body we will be doing that together each and every day.
For those looking to train from home
You want to do home workouts on your own but don't know where to start or what to do. WWN gives you everything you need, to tone and sculpt your body, all under 30-40 mins with just one set of dumbells and one kettlebell.
For Those Interested in Strength and HIIT training
WWN employs two incredibly powerful training techniques that are designed to get you stronger, leaner and more toned. A great combination of Functional Strength and HIIT training is curated to show you results.
What You Need ?
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    A Set of Dumbells

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    A kettlebell (optional)

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    A Facebook Account

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    Active WWN Subscription

4th January 2021
My Story
This program is a culmination of many years of my life of learning, growing, workout designing, creating and optimizing. I’ve been using this workout strategy for the last few years now and I am amazed by the results I've seen on myself and on my clients each week and every month. And now I am super excited to share them with you.

When I created these workouts, my goal was to help people get better results than they could get on their own, at the gym or with various online portals one keeps surfing. We all want to be strong, lean, toned, and confident in our bodies! But our workouts and results don’t always reflect on our goals. I have often seen people doing loads of cardio and lifting light weights with higher reps and hoping that this training mechanism would somehow transform their body. However these workouts aren’t enough to reshape your body.

If you want to have more defined arms, back, glutes, legs, and abs you need a methodically designed program and I am here to guide you through it.
Know Your Coach
Nyela Kapadia is a qualified, experienced and professional trainer with plenty of variety in her training style which is both unique and effective. This fitness coach is just the person you need in your corner, as you work to get fit. She holds certifications and experience in various fields such as Functional Training as a Master Functional Trainer FTI (Functional Training Institute), Animal Flow level 1 , IFAA Functional Trainer , IKFF level 1 , Reebok Group fitness Instructor, Reebok Step Aerobic Instructor, Reebok Core Pilates, Doonya: The Bollywood Workout, Bokwa Trainer and more. With her years of experience, skill, vast industry knowledge and never-say-die spirit, you have a winning combination to get you FIT ! FOUNDER: Workout With Nyela (WWN) CO FOUNDER: Intermittent Fasting & Mindful Living (IFML)
How is it different from other programs ?
I've seen many people struggle with their workouts. Be it fitness enthusiasts or absolute beginners looking to work on themselves. They go through various questions in their minds that go unanswered without expert advice.
Should I do HIIT everyday ? Should I do legs today and HIIT tomorrow ? How much Cardio should I do ? Do I need to train my core separately ? What workout should I google today ? Is this youtube HIIT good enough ? My app has 200 plus workouts to choose from, what am I going to choose ? Am I choosing the right warm up and right cool down for the specific workout that I am about to do ?
Do you have the expertise to make the right workout choice each day ? Does your choice consider muscle recovery ? Muscle optimization ? Joint overuse ? Do you have access to a Physical Trainer with expertise to tell you what choice to make ?
You may have google, youtube and 100's of apps to access and choose your workouts from , but the choice to choose the workouts is yours to make. WWN takes away the confusion. The Founder and chief trainer Nyela decides your workout breakdown each day of the week with proven and tested methods. All the workouts have warm ups and cool downs specific to the muscles you use on a specific day. This ensures you can continue to workout injury free with best results.
What People Say

Nyela is my favorite trainer and her classes have been the most impactful for me in my fitness journey. Also I was introduced to Tabata by Nyela, which still happens to be my favorite kind of workout. I’ve been working out with her for almost 7 years now, and I couldn’t recommend her anymore. You will love her, but most importantly you will fall in love with your body and what it can do :)

Sana Saeed Actor

I’ve seen great results in a short period of time ! Thanks a lot for helping me getting ripped ! Working out with Nyela has not only become a part of my day but what amazes me is that it’s as much a part of her day. I’ve never come across a coach who is more invested in your growth then what you yourself are. She never lets you skip a day without a workout and ensures you get those 30-40 mins to yourself in some way or the other to get the work in. The way the workouts are designed, the body never feels tired but always energised and ready for a workout.

Maher Jumani Sports Professional

You have taken me to the next level! I am thrilled with the varied routines you have developed for me. You keep me interested and motivated, and I love the improvement in my body. Working out has become much more fun because now I actually know what I’m doing. I’ve never been more proud to look at the “before” picture than I am now. Your positive attitude has really kept me going. I’ve enjoyed the training so much and am very grateful for your support.

Sakshi Bhamre Media Consultant

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